Daily Log

I'm feeling much better lately, and in the last two days I went on to draw a lot of silly, monochrome pixel art icons - social networks (FontAwesome, sadly, lacks any Diaspora or GNUSocial icons) and lovecraftian stuff.
I have been working on a clone of TinyChoice, whipping something up in about half an hour. Atto is the result of my not-so-hard work.
I've been taking the Learning how to learn Coursera course and so far it's been interesting. I hope I'll be able to put what I am learning into practice - I need all the help I can get.
Started writing my nth virtual machine. I'm stagnating.
Slightly rewritten The Mage Hunter Tales.
Added new pixel art. I should probably get back to writing.
Overhauled the CSS (using Type Scale for the ... type scale). Added some more pixel art.
Very bored, very sleepy, thinking about the instruction set for a not-so-simple stack machine and trying to use every. Single. Bit. I'm probably being silly.
Started building my website from scratch, and trying to improve my reading speed. Right now I read at about 400-500 words per minute, but I can be better.
No Internet all day. Thought about writing an operating system, but first I'd have to choose or make up a target architecture. I wrote The Mage Hunter Tales, tho - which despite the grandiose title is at best a short story.